Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I created this piece for a friend. I first drew it tradtionally then scanned in the images and colored in Photoshop.

This piece I painted for my wife to take to work during Halloween :)
It is acrylic on 11 x 17 illustration board.


New Character Design:

Here are some character design clean-up that I did for another artist:

Another character design for a childrens book and animation.

Here is a poster design I did for an event promoting our martial arts class. This is the flat image of the design. It is actually on a 20 x 30 poster board and lights up as you will see in photos in the next posting.

The image is actually missing the advertisement papers which are pasted on later. These go under the lanterns.

Some Character design development I did for a children's show.

These are character designs from my comic book Aiki & Kiai created for the Martial Arts Dojo I teach at and attend.
Look for more comic books from Aiki & Kiai and as an animated series in the near future.

You can actually purchase the first two issues at the dojo web site:

Other character designs for other shows and development projects.

These are character designs from a children's book and animated series I developed.

This is a sample of some clean-up ink work on other characters:


Thursday, November 13, 2008




Here are some illustrations from a children's book I did for a grandfather of now 8 children. They are done with colored pencil which is one of my favorite mediums to use.

You can find the book on